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Recently I have been hearing more and more about mindfulness courses and I think this is fantastic. I myself went o my first morning of mindfulness in February and I loved it. If you have never been to a class and are interested I recommend the suaimhneas morning of mindfulness course which can be found here . Shirine Beausang is the teacher of this class and she is incredible.

So what should you expect from a class? Continue reading “Mindfulness”


Manor Mills Marketing Project

Hi hi 🙂

As I mentioned previously, I wanted to include some marketing topics in this blog in line with projects I am working on to, 1. build up my own online portfolio, and 2. to showcase a subject that might be of interest to some of you.

The company I work for has a store in Manor Mills Shopping Centre, Maynooth, Co.Kildare and has recently been taken over by new owners. Continue reading “Manor Mills Marketing Project”


theUPSIDE was my first blog and I love it! I love what it stands for and what it is about and I hope you will too.

The main purpose of theUPSIDE is to spread positivity and ensure people think of theUPSIDE to everyday and concentrate on this instead of the negatives things that can happen to us all. It is also about spreading mental health awareness and in our current climate it is something that needs to be talked about and brought to the forefront. We need to end the stigma!!  Continue reading “theUPSIDE”

April Travel Plans

The excitement is immense for April’s travel plans!!!!

So, a little background first. I lived in Australia for 8 months in 2014 and worked for Coast where I met an amazing gal Shaheera (A.K.A Sharkie) 🙂 We kept in contact to this day an know she is coming all the way from Singapore to visit little old me. I am so excited!!  Continue reading “April Travel Plans”

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