And so it begins…

What begins you may ask?? Well after a long while thinking of setting up a blog to discuss things of interest to me, I did the good ol Irish thing of saying to myself ‘Ah go on sure be grand’ and there it happened, I created a blog. 

My interests really range from marketing, as this is what I studied in college, to fashion, as I worked in the industry for 5 years and loved experimenting with different styles, to travelling the world, to passions of mine, which include any and all animals, and, the fascinating area of mental health, mindfullness and all the stuff that goes with that.

So really I will chat/discuss a mixture of topics here and I am excited to get started. I understand there is 400,000+ blogs out their at the moment to be read however this is something I set up for me to document things that interest me and I would be only delighted to have some readers read some bits n pieces also.

Until the next blog,

Jen x


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